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White Rhino

Smart home sweeping robot

Smart home sweeping robot

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Weight: 1039 grams
Product size: 27 * 27 * 6.5cm
Battery capacity: 2400mAH
Working voltage: 7.4v
Rated power: 8w
Charging time: 6H
Packing size: 35 * 28 * 11cm  

Material: ABS electronic components
Dust box capacity: 350ml
Noise: less than 50DB
Cleaning area: 150 square meters
Service life: more than 3 years
Accessories: Manual Charger
Operation: fully automatic  

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Anti-gravity Humidifier

Water drop reflux black technologyatomization technology, fine water mist, nourish the air at the same time can relieve pressure, help you recover the mood, make life more interesting. No need to struggle with inexpensive flimsy and leaky desk humidifiers. This quality humidifier is the one you’re looking for.

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Intelligent Anti-Shutdown

LED intelligent display screen, real-time display time. 800ml water tank, double power off protection, effectively prevent dry burn (water level detection and dry burn prevention sensor).

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Double Humidification Mode

One key to open the light mode, the light is soft, and watch the water drops stream back while humidifying, to relieve the mood. One key to open the mode, continuous water spray humidification against the current, to help you remove dryness.

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Water Drop Countercurrent Design

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