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Home non-radiation silent electronic mosquito repellent

Home non-radiation silent electronic mosquito repellent

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Product category: electric mosquito killer
Model: Hanging Black King Kong Mosquito Killer
Applicable area: 20-50 square meters
Capacity: 1
Color: Black King Kong British standard three plug, Black King Kong 110V flat plug American standard, Black King Kong 110v and 220V European standard round plug

1. This product is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, restaurants, hotels, offices, chicken farms, animal husbandry and all other places that need to kill mosquitoes.

2. In an environment where the mosquito killer light source is not blocked, it can be used as a stand-alone device, and the effective range is less than 16 square meters.

3. This mosquito killer is designed with energy-saving, decorative and hypnotic static palladium low light. Therefore, the lighting effect must be avoided. Whether the method of use is correct directly affects the mosquito killing effect.

Effective usage.

4. Suggested function: Hang (or put) the mosquito killer at 0.8-1.2 meters, 0.3 meters above the wall. Keep it in the most conducive place to kill mosquitoes and close doors and windows.

5. It is recommended to use it continuously for 24 hours to minimize the number of switching of the lamp. Extend the service life of the lamp.

6. In the daytime, adding a small amount of suitable bait to the chassis of this product can also be used to kill flies.

7. To carry mosquito lamp, clean the mosquitoes stuck to the metal frequently. When cleaning, first cut off the power, then use an insulated metal rod to gently touch the power grid to place it, and then open the chassis to clean.

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